Tamara Wolfe

Coaching Testimonials

"I worked with Tamara for two years, and it was one of the best decisions I've made. I deeply value the time she spent helping me create a clear vision for my life, what I truly want to be happy and grateful for. Tamara held me to be accountable, and she patiently guided me in taking clear, confident steps in the direction of my dreams. She taught me the tools and helped me find the confidence to live the life I've imagined. Thank you, Tamara. ~ Kristen H., TV Host

"I was attracted to Tamara's energy and sense of calm when I heard her speak. Working with her and learning the basics of the Dream Builder Program has given me the initial tools to energize the value of my ideas and my goals, as I stay in the process." ~ Marianne T M, business owner

"Tamara was wonderful to work with! She was professional, supportive, flexible, intuitive. She was more of a facilitator as she brought in life experience and professional insights into our work together which helped me to connect with my own issues. Through the structure of the program and coaching, Tamara helped me to shift my mental loop of unproductive thinking by supporting me in creating a clear vision for my new business and shifting into more possibility thinking. ~ Lorraine H, entrepreneur

"I want to thank, Tamara so much for our coaching sessions this past year and a half. Joining my sessions every week advanced my thinking, behavior, relationships and career. As a result, I have been able to become more organized with positive thoughts and outlook, to increase my focus on my vision and to believe that it is achievable. I am grateful for Tamara's awesome coaching. Her keen perception and kind approach were what I needed to improve and move forward towards my dreams. I highly recommend Tamara as a coach." ~ Joumana M, Real Estate Agent

Tamara Wolfe

Speaking Testimonials

"AMAZING!!! Have just started my job search, but today was tough. Tamara's message was thought-provoking but also gave me good nuts and bolts tools to navigate not only my job search but life. Thank YOU!!!" ~ Mia E, professional in transition

"Once again, your workshop was a big success. It received the highest rating possible from participants." ~ Debbie R, Speaker Organizer for Job Search Group

"I appreciated your style and inspiration, medicine that greatly benefits me at this juncture in my job search." ~ Howard A., professional in transition

"The Power of Vision workshop was a terrific use of my time and a great learning experience. I appreciated the practical exercises and worthwhile information that I can use in both my professional and personal life. I also appreciated the neuroscientific approach to creating a clear vision for one's life. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in improving their results and overcoming obstacles." ~ Lisa P, Marketing Business owner